Sunday, February 06, 2011

A nice quiet Sunday....

I really like days like today. It was sunny out..but cold, so I was happy to be in the house and let the sunshine come in through the windows to me. I worked on my Christmas jigsaw puzzle, I read most of a book, I worked in my art journal and I cooked some lovely steaks on the grill for supper. Now I am browsing blogs and getting ready to force myself to stop and go to bed, there will always be more tomorrow!
Bill and Jeff tend to get cabin fever if they have to stay in the house all day, especially if it isnt raining or something, so today was a bit uncomfortable at times. Bill took a nice walk with his camera though, so he did get outside in the fresh air. Colin is having a cold trying to settle in so he was also content to spend the day in his room doing whatever it is teenage boys do in their dens....he is equipped with laptop, 3 video game systems, countless books...I'm sure he had no trouble entertaining himself.