Sunday, October 12, 2008

More photos from the Labyrinth

There was so much going on at the corn maze that I had to do another page of them for ya'll. I wanted to be sure to get a shot of what Colin called "graphic beef" and also the accordian band. At one point we noticed some of the songs sounded familiar....was that Hard Day's Night by the Beatles? Yup! heeehee. Colin couldn't resist sampling a big glass of freshly pressed apple juice. You can't bottle that kind of flavor. YUM!

(if you click on the pictures you can view them a bit bigger so you can see them!)

Monday, October 06, 2008

Happy Fall Ya'll!

What a beautiful time of year it is! All the trees are changing into their autumn outfits and pumpkins and apples are for sale all over the place, the smell of smoke is in the air, fields are being harvested and the evenings have that bit of bite that lets you know colder nights are right around the corner.

Colin and I spent Sunday afternoon exploring a corn labyrinth in nearby Ladenburg. Every year they plant this field into a huge themed maze and hide 6 or more signposts for visitors to find before they make their way to the center and climb a tower to get an overview before heading out. Before we tackled the maze we fortified ourselves with plates of "Texas Beef". Since this year's maze was on a Wild West theme they had a whole steer roasted on a spit as well as different seasonal cakes and treats. We enjoyed an accordion band while we ate our food and petted the dogs that were wandering around hoping for a scrap of meat to fall from a plate. After we finished the maze we picked out a few pumpkins to set aside to carve in a few weeks and Colin enjoyed a big mug of freshly pressed apple juice. WONDERFUL!