Friday, February 15, 2008

Leavin' on a Jet Plane....

Tomorrow morning bright and early we are heading to Frankfurt so I can go to the States for a whole MONTH! to visit Mom and Dad and my sister Jan and my Grandma and all my aunts and uncles and cousins and their babies....oh and I EVEN get to see Jeffrey for a whole week! Actually it was his request to have someone come and visit him between Christmas and the end of his school year that sparked the idea for this big trip. Bill said "you haven't seen your family in 'bout we send you for a whole month since any shorter wouldn't be worth it" and how could I say no to that!?

Colin and Bill are going to head over to the little airport where RyanAir leaves from and take on of their special low fares to Pisa for the long weekend. They will stay at the Army base at Camp Darby and see what they can see. I hope that Bill is feeling well enough for them to enjoy themselves. He came down with a WICKED sore throat this past week and is in a lot of pain and discomfort. It is quite swollen so it is hard to swallow and nothing seems to help. He has been to the Dr. and they said it wasn't strep...but I'm not so sure. Colin is a very attentive 'nurse' though and has been waiting on him hand and foot every time he fusses so I know he is in good hands!

If you wanna have some scrapbooking fun this weekend then hop on over to the Scrap Shanty and join in the "Hearts On Fire" crop. There are all sorts of games and challenges and chats and fun. I'll be checking in and playing from mom's house!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Wow, where did January go????

I think I must have entered a time warp or something because I woke up the other day and here it is February already! We really haven't done anything exciting or noteworthy...just living life, doing what we gotta do. Colin is in rehearsals for the Spring musical of Godspell. His part is "Herb" who he describes as a 'class clown kinda guy'. Sounds interesting! Bill took another one of those marathon class every day of the week and one complete weekend and you get another graduate level class under your belt thingies. We did go out a few times with our cameras to get some fresh air and see what photos we could take. I'll share a few......can you guess who took which one? I'll let you know in a few days. Heehee!