Saturday, November 17, 2007

Come to a fun online crop!

Scraphappy KT is having a weekend long online crop to celebrate the site's Grand ReOpening!! There are all sorts of games and challenges and surprises going on. And even better....some of the challenges aren't due until the end of the month!

Actually Jen from the site has summed it all up very well in this FAQ.
FAQ about the ScraphappyKT online crop

1) What is the online crop?

The online crop is a weekend-long event hosted by the Scraphappy KTDT members that will encompass scrapbooking, games, challenges, classes, PRIZES, chatting with other members and lots of FUN! The point of the online crop is to get active on the Scraphappy KT boards and in the gallery. The KTDT members encourage you to participate in our fabulous games and challenges.

2) What sort of activities will be featured at the Online Crop?

The main attractions to our online crop are the challenges, the games and the many chances to win prizes. You'll find regular challenges, featuring many different themes and techniques, and Quickie Challenges, which are small challenges intended to keep those juices flowing by creating a layout in under an hour. Most every challenge can be completed using basic supplies we have in our vast amount of supplies. If the challenge will require something unusual, it will be posted ahead of time in the WEEKEND CROP forum.
We will also feature a class, a tutorial and a Make & Take. Please check the supply lists in the WEEKEND CROP forum for more information. Games are another big feature during our online crop. You can join in the fun playing Bingo, guessing games, trivia games, layout hunts and MORE! Keep in mind that the more games and challenges you participate in the better your chances are of walking away with KT points, prizes and/or gift certificates!

3) How can I get ready for the Online Crop?

First, you want to check out the Weekend Crop Forum and print out or copy the schedule and check for any other announcements regarding classes, challenges or games.
Also, don't forget to sign up for Bingo and send in your Bingo cards early! We have two different Bingo games scheduled to keep the fun rocking all weekend long!
Next, you’ll need to gather all of your favorite supplies and clear a scrapping space. You may want to set your space up near your computer to make your crop experience more enjoyable!
Last thing, is to make sure you plan ahead and clear your schedule so you can spend as much time participating in our on-line crop as you possibly can! You won't want to miss any of the FUN!

5) What should I expect once the Online Crop starts?

You can expect Fun! Fun! Fun! You'll suddenly notice new threads popping up for games, challenges and friendly KT banter in the Weekend Crop forum. Keep an eye on this forum and hit that refresh button frequently so you don't miss a new challenge or game. The rules for each challenge and game will be posted clearly in each new thread. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to shout it out. Our KTDT members are there to make sure you have fun!

6) How do I find new challenges?

The best way to stay in the know is to keep refreshing the Weekend Crop Forum! You'll see new threads with the challenge title and #. In case you get lost in a sea of new threads... there will also be a Master Crop Schedule thread highlighted and stuck to the top of the Crop Forum with an up-to-date listing of current and past challenges.

7) How are winners selected?

Our KTDT Members will try their hardest to make sure everyone has a blast during our online crop. If you want to get KT Points and prizes, you need to participate, participate, participate! Most challenge and game winners are chosen by random drawing. Some games will be won by the "first person with the correct answer". This will be stated in the rules of each game. It's very important to read the rules in every new challenge or game. The KTDT members will also have points to distribute randomly to scrappers hanging around @ the On-line Crop with us!