Friday, October 26, 2007

The Headless Horseman Rides!

Last night, tonight and tomorrow night at Heidelberg High School! Colin has been busy busy busy practicing and working on sets and getting ready for the show. He hasn't ever been in a play before and was SO excited when he found out he got a part in the first play of the year, and what a fun part it is too. He is a ghost pirate and gets to terrify poor Ichabod Crane demanding his lost gold.

I haven't ever been involved with theatre before either so it was interesting being a "Drama Mama" for the first time. (Yes...we even got buttons to wear proclaiming our Drama Mama and Papa status!) I went to one of the rehearsals about a week before opening night to take some photos and see how they were coming along. Wow there is a LOT that goes into one of these things! Lights, sound effects, lines....lines....please memorize those lines!...props, scenery, costumes and lots more. What a great show we were treated to last night! Everyone did an awesome job and should be very very proud of themselves. Applause!!!!

Friday, October 12, 2007


Oh yeah!!! If you refer back to the post before this one you might remember that the scrapbooking site I usually hang out at has made some administrative changes and now has new management, name and everything. Along with that they needed to add some designers to the team so they had a Design Team Call and imagine my surprise to find out the other day that I was among the finalists!!!!! I was on top of the world....but this evening I got boosted up another few clouds, I am one of the new Scrapbook Shanty design team members!!!! I love being a part of a design team and already know lots of the gals on the team and just know it will be a lot of fun to work with them. Watch for sponsor layouts in the weeks to come!!! There are all sorts of fun things going on at the Shanty so if you haven't stopped by yet be sure to do that. Especially next is a big cyber crop weekend with all sorts of fun surprises! Whoohoo!!